A well-known manufacturer of high quality plastic pipe systems in China

JINGTONG is a prominent manufacturer of a premium quality range of plastic pipe system in china for over 25 years, and nowadays has become a main manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of plastic pipe and fitting systems,such as PE pipes,PVC pipes, and PP pipes etc.The annual production capability reaches 20000 metric tons.The pipes that we bring forth for our clients are made available in a range of sizes and pressure applications to cater to the demands of the customers,and the fittings including coupling/socket,elbow,tee,reducer,flange,valve and more.

Tianjin Jingtong Pipeline Technology Co.,Ltd.

Tianjin JingTong Pipe Industy Co.,Ltd. is a plastic pipes manufacturer and supplier from china. The factory locates in Baodi,Tianjin. Polyvinyl chloride pipes(PVC pipes manufacturer), Polyethylene pipes(PE pipes manufacturer) and Polypropylene Pipes(PP pipes manufacturer).

  • Begin of Autumn

    Today is Begin of Autumn, one of the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms. Jingtong company celebrate this solar term, for the harvest is expected in Autumn.

  • Guangdong around Beibu Gulf water resources allocation project was approved

    Guangdong around Beibu Gulf water resources allocation project was approved. It is the backbone of the national water network, one of the 150 major national water conservancy projects, and one of the 55 major water conservancy projects to be promoted this year.

  • Chinese Valentine's Day

    Today is China Qixi Festival, also named Chinese Valentine's Day. Tianjin Jingtong Pipeline Technology Co.,Ltd has one day holiday to celebrate this festival.