pe casing pipe

  • PE Electric Cable Pipe

    PE Electric Cable Pipe

    PE communication sub-pipe is made of polyethylene resin as the main raw material, and extruded into polyethylene pipe. Its material is tough, light weight, high strength, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, smooth internal and external surface, small friction coefficient, easy cable piercing and high construction efficiency; its electrical insulation performance is good, and its service life is long (buried pipe life is up to 50 years). Durable, safe and reliable operation of the line; long section, few joints, easy installation, pipes can be made into a variety of colors (usually red, white, black, blue, etc.) to show distinction. It is suitable for the protection of buried fibre optic cables and the conductance, isolation and protection of urban communication fibre optic cables, cables, cable TV network line guards and indoor cables in buildings.

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