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  • HDPE Pipe Fittings PE Pipe Accessories

    HDPE Pipe Fittings PE Pipe Accessories

    Jingtong HDPE pipe and PE fitting systems are know for their sustainability,longevity,nontoxicity,and corrosion resistance. HDPE Pipe and fittings widely used in a broad range of applications such as plumbing, potable water supply,sewerage and waste water,rain water and drainage,building and construction,mining,industrial, rural and irrigation,electrical ,telecommunications and gas. The hdpe pipes that we bring forth for our clients are made available in a range of sizes and pressure applications to cater to the demands of the customers,and the hdpe pipe fittings including couplers/sockets,elbows,tees,reducers,flanges,valves and more.

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  • PE Pipe Fittings Reducing Tee

    PE Pipe Fittings Reducing Tee

    HDPE Pipe Fittings / PE Tee The connection of PE pipe can be divided into two parts according to the interface form and heating mode: 1. Fused Connection: Fused Socket Connection, Fused Saddle Connection; 2. Hot-melt connection: hot-melt socket connection, hot-melt saddle connection, hot-melt butt connection.

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