Ppr Pipe for cold and hot water

  • Ppr Pipe for cold and hot water
  • Ppr Pipe for cold and hot water
  • Ppr Pipe for cold and hot water
  • Ppr Pipe for cold and hot water
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Ppr Pipe for cold and hot water
  • Within 10 days after deposite
  • 150000 mt/year

PPR pipes are also called three-type polypropylene pipes. The random copolymer polypropylene is extruded into pipes and injected into pipes.
Because of its advantages of heat resistance, pressure resistance, heat preservation, energy saving, corrosion resistance, smooth inner wall, non-scaling, long service life and economy, the product will gradually replace the existing other types of water pipes and become the leading product, which is the most suitable sanitary and environmental protection water pipes for drinking water and food industry.

PPR pipe and fittings for cold and hot water  

Jingtong PPR pipe and fittings for cold and hot water are produced in strictly accordance with ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO 14001 environmental management system. PPR fittings ,such as ppr coupler,ppr tee ,ppr elbow and so on  are environmental protection and health water supply pipe series products .PPR Pipes fully meet the standards of GB/T18742 and ISO/DIS15874.

ppr pipeppr cold water pipe

Advantages of PPR pipe  for cold and hot  water supply

Hygienic, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-scaling.

High temperature and high pressure resistance.

Hot-melt connection of pipes and fittings, homogeneous melting into unit, safe and reliable never leakage.

Low thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation performance.

Light weight, convenient handling and low construction intensity.

The inner wall of the pipeline is smooth, the pressure loss is small and the flow rate is fast.

Pipeline transmission noise is low.

The product has soft color, beautiful appearance, indoor bright and dark clothing.

The installation is simple, fast and the construction cost is low.

Long service life, under normal using conditions, service life can reach more than 50 years.

ppr hot water pipe

ISO9001 Certificate
ISO9001 Certificate
CE Certificate -1
CE Certificate -1
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