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  • Within 10 days after deposite
  • 150000 mt/year

PE-RT raw materials not only have a qualified creeping curve, but also the pipe price is moderate and inexpensive. The pipe construction is convenient and faster compared with other varieties. The PERT pipe connection form,inter-melting hot-melt connection,is the most reliable form at the current stage, and the pore diameter of the pipe fitting is larger than pipe inner diameter with the same specification. In the PERT pipe system, there is no mechanical connection way of local shrinkage, so the fluid resistance of the system is relative small.

PERT Pipe Fittings- PERT Tee

Advantages of PERT Tee

1. Good stability and long-term pressure resistance.PERT piep has good pipe homogeneity, stable performance, good resistance to thermal creep, excellent long-term hydrostatic resistance;

2. Easy to bend pipe, convenient construction. bending With a small radius (Rmin = 5D), the stress in the bent portion can be quickly relaxed, which can avoid the damage of the PERT pipe at the bend due to stress concentration during use. The PE-RT tube can be hot-melt connected, so that the pipeline can be repaired easily if it is damaged during the application process.

3. Good impact resistance, high safety, low temperature brittle fracture temperature up to 70 degrees, can be transported and constructed under low temperature environment;

4. Anti-aging, long life. due to the excellent characteristics of PE-RT material, the working temperature is The PE-RT tube can be safely used for more than 50 years at 70 ° C and a pressure of 0.8 MPa.

5. The processing technology is convenient, the quality is easy to control;

6. The waste pipe can be recycled and melted.


Specification of  of PERT Tee

PE-RT Pipe fittings

ISO9001 Certificate
ISO9001 Certificate
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CE Certificate -1
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