More than 300,000 kilometers of pipeline network reconstruction!


More than 300,000 kilometers of pipeline network reconstruction, two ministries and commissions recently released the "14th Five-Year Plan" national urban infrastructure construction plan.

For the systematic construction of urban water system, the following requirements are put forward:

      1. Urban water supply security.  It is estimated that the scale of the new and reconstructed water supply plant will be 65 million cubic meters per day, and it is estimated that the new and reconstructed water supply pipeline network will be 104,000 kilometers.

      2. Leakage control of urban water supply network.   Developing intelligent transformation of the pipeline network, renewal and transformation of the old pipeline network, regional metering of the pipeline network and optimization and regulation of the water supply pressure to further reduce the leakage of the pipeline network.

      3. Urban drainage and waterlogging prevention.  Implement projects such as river and lake water system and ecological space management and restoration, pipeline network and pump station construction and renovation, flood drainage channel construction, rainwater source emission reduction, and flood control improvement.

      4. Improve the quality and efficiency of sewage treatment.  It is estimated that 80,000 kilometers of sewage pipe network will be built and renovated, and the capacity of new, renovated and expanded sewage treatment facilities is expected to be 20 million cubic meters per day.

      5. Developing national sponge city construction demonstration.  Select about 50 cities to carry out demonstration projects, and strive to achieve three-year concentrated construction. The flood control and drainage capacity of the demonstration cities will be significantly improved, the ecological environment will be significantly improved, and the concept of sponge city will be fully and effectively implemented.

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